Hi, I'm Maria

Guiding people to live mindfully, trust their intuition, and live balanced, fulfilled lives is not just my profession; it's my heartfelt passion.

My mission is to demystify mindfulness and empower individuals, especially those who are Highly Sensitive or Highly Emotional, to embrace their uniqueness. I want to break down barriers and show that mindfulness is accessible to everyone.

When I realised that my sensitivity is a unique strength rather than a weakness I was able to step into my true authentic self. This is why I started specializing my professional career towards empowering other people to embrace their sensitivity and leverage it as a source. As I delved deeper into mindfulness practices I gained valuable expertise in the fields of intuition, yoga, reiki, meditation, breathwork and sound bathing and started to work as a compassionate coach specializing in guiding Highly Sensitive & Emotional People towards self-discovery, personal growth, and well-being.

My coaching program is centered around two powerful tools: mindfulness and intuition.

Through mindfulness practices, you will learn to ground yourself in the present, manage stress, observe and accept your emotions and navigate challenging situations with greater ease. Through Intuition, often described as your “inner knowing,”  you will gain clarity, enhance your decision-making abilities, and live a life that is in alignment with your values and aspirations. 
Whether you’re seeking balance, purpose, or a deeper connection with yourself, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Work with Me

Choose the format that fits best for you! I offer 1:1 sessions, community access, self-led courses or group events to empower you to make sensitivtiy your strength and mindfulness your magic.

Certificates & Licences


Certified Mindfulness Instructor

February, 2023
Naturopath Certificate

Certified Holistic Naturopath

February, 2024