Online Courses

Start your journey to self-discovery with self-paced online courses. Designed to guide you on a path of mindfulness, resilience, and personal growth.

Make Sensitivity your biggest Strength

Unleash the power of your sensitivity in this 6-Week Online Course for Highly Sensitive People. Discover how to embrace your unique traits, integrate mindfulness into your daily life, and unlock the strength that lies within your high sensitivity.

How to deal with intense Emotions

Your emotional nature is not a weakness – It’s a gift that needs to be developed. By understanding your emotions and processing them as they come up you can avoid that feeling of overwhelm and not being in control.This Mini course shows you how!

Mindful Life - Mindful Mind

This 4-Week Online Course is designed to demistify the concept of mindfulness and intuition to empower you to develop mindfulness practices and methods for everyday living and to unlock your intuition to make empowered choices.

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