Do you often feel overwhelmed, misunderstood or even disconnected from yourself or people you truly care about? Have you ever thought I am “too emotional” or my feelings are just “too much”? You might identify as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

This can be both a gift and a challenge – as an HSP myself I felt often overwhelmed and thought that “there must be something wrong with me”. In a world that often values toughness and resilience over sensitivity, I tried to bury my feelings, build up a wall and push through tough times to maintain (what I thought was) a successful life.

However, when I realised that my sensitivity is a unique strength rather than a weakness I was able to harness & nurture it to step into my authentic self.

I want to empower highly sensitive people to understand, accept & celebrate their trait and teach them how to use mindfulness and intuition to create a more balanced, fulfilled and compassionate lifestyle.

In this online webinar, we will talk about the following topics:

  • What does it mean to be highly sensitive?
  • What are the benefits & challenges?
  • What are the differences to disorders like ADHD & Autism?
  • How can we welcome the challenges of being highly sensitive and turn these into strengths?

I am excited to see you!

With Love & Kindness 💜

Mindful Maria


Am I a Highly Sensitive Person?

If you can answer the following questions with yes you might be an HSP:

  • Have you received comments about being overly sensitive?
  • Do you often observe subtle details that escape the notice of others
  • Do you experience emotions or thoughts with greater intensity?
  • Do you dislike engaging in trivial conversations?
  • Have you noticed the need for downtime after social gatherings?
  • Do you struggle to decline requests because you are concerned about hurting someone’s feelings?
  • Have you entered a room and instinctively picked up on the moods of others?