We have emotions for a reason – they’re here to tell us something. Ignoring and not listening to those feelings doesn’t make them go away. They are going to surface eventually, and if you wait too long before addressing them, you’ll likely find yourself dealing with a sudden flood of emotions and overwhelm.

I want to show you that your emotional nature is not a weakness – It’s a gift that needs to be developed. And that by understanding your emotions and processing them as they come up you can avoid that feeling of overwhelm and not being in control.

We dive deep into the benefits of being emotionally aware such as

  • Feeling more deeply and intensely than others
  • Being more aware of subtleties
  • Processing information & reflecting on a deeper level

Together we will discuss methods and tools which help you to learn how to appreciate the ability to feel the entire spectrum of emotions and we will have a look at mindfulness and intuition tools to create a more fulfilled, balanced and self-compassionate life. 💜